How to raise broiler chickens?

Broiler is a chicken breed that we people often breed, because it grows fast and has more meat, poly has good breeding value, want to raise broiler well, then need to pay attention to strengthen feeding management and disease control.

1.strengthen the construction and management of chicken coops

 Clean, clean environment is the basis of broiler breeding, in the breeding process in order to ensure that the living environment of broilers to meet the requirements of breeding, must be effective control of the breeding environment. In the process of large-scale breeding, farms are generally selected in places with high terrain, dry climate, wind and sun, and sandy mud. If the breeding is done in the residential area, it should be far away from the residential area, and at the same time, the transportation should be guaranteed to be convenient to prevent the impact on the life of the public.

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The planning and design of the farm should be strengthened during the construction of the farm to make full use of the breeding space, thus making the management of the chicken coop more orderly and helping to control the spread of various diseases. For example, the chicken house is the main area for raising chickens, and the structure of the chicken house must be reasonably designed in the breeding process.

For example, laminated farms make full use of the indoor space, and the height of the coop can be constantly adjusted according to the growth of broilers to provide a good living space for them.

In addition, the manure treatment area should be designed separately in the breeding process, and the manure treatment channel and the food and feed and other transportation channels should be separated, and it is strictly prohibited to use the same channel for food and feed and waste transportation.

For chicken farms, various infrastructure must be equipped, such as disinfection facilities, heating facilities, humidification equipment, etc., which should be taken into account when planning chicken farms, reserving space for various equipment to improve the level of the breeding environment.

2.strengthen the chicken coop environmental management

In the process of broiler breeding, the generation and spread of various diseases are related to the environmental health of the chicken coop, the chicken coop with better environmental health, broiler growth is healthier and the disease rate is lower. In the breeding process, the chicken coop should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, and a scientific and reasonable management system should be formulated.

  • Regularly disinfect the chicken coop, keep the environment clean and reduce the rate of contamination of pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken coop. With the expansion of broiler breeding scale in recent years, it is also necessary to control the breeding density in the breeding process, broilers can not be too dense, and to do a good job of ventilation and deworming of the chicken coop.
  • In the breeding process, it is necessary to do a good job of temperature and humidity control, too much humidity is not conducive to the growth of broilers, because the humid environment is conducive to the growth of germs, which can easily cause a variety of diseases.
  • To ventilate the chicken coop, keep the air fresh at all times to prevent the spread of various germs in the chicken coop.

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3.the quality of food to control

Feed is the source to ensure that broilers get sufficient nutrition, in the broiler rearing process must pay attention to nutrition with, if the feeding process is not enough nutrition, it will reduce the broiler’s own ability to synthesize protein, making the chicken protein content is reduced, but also make the broiler development is delayed, low immunity, increased morbidity.

In the feeding process, the broiler’s food should be adjusted according to the seasonal differences, for example, the hot weather in summer will make the broiler’s food quantity decrease, so you can feed some feeds with higher nutrient content, and you can also add baking soda to prevent the broiler from getting heat stroke in summer.

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