Turnkey Project

Turnkey Total Solution

Our team of experts customize for you turnkey solutions for your poultry farm for optimal production performance.

① Overall Project Plan

According to your land, we will design an overall project plan and 3D farm layouts for you. These layouts will help you better understand the project and show your project planning in the conference and bank board.

② Chicken House Layout

The raising consultant will design the equipment layout in a single chicken house according to your quantity. Professional chicken house design will bring you the ideal ventilation effect and the best farming efficiency.

③ Project Drawing

Project drawings will help your construction team.

④ Installation

We provide you with professional service, including project consultation and design, production, transportation, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance and raising guidance.

⑤ Farm Supporting Equipment

According to the farm situation, we will analyze the potential needs of the farm and provide solutions for you. We will help the farm run smoothly and get better benefits.

(hatchery, slaughter house, Egg storage, feed workshop, manure treatment system, reservoir, feed warehouse, vehicle, office building, staff dormitory, backup power supply,etc)

⑥ Farm Staffing

According to the scale of the farm, we will design a staffing table for you to ensure a smoother operation of the farm.

⑦ Project Construction Plan

We will design a reasonable project plan for you and help you withdraw funds faster.

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