RETECH Automatic A Type Poultry Farm Layer Chicken Cage

Material:Hot Galvanized Steel
Type:A Type
Capacity:96/128 birds
Life Time:20 Years
Certificates:ISO9001, Soncap
Turnkey Solution:project consulting, project designing, manufacturing, logistics transportation, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, raising guidance, Best Choice Related Products.

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Main Advantages

> Long-lasting quality, hot-dip galvanized material with 15-20 years service life.

> Intensive management and automated control.

Guarantee sufficient and well-distributed feed for each tier.

Reasonable slope reduces the percentage of egg broken.

Well ventilated,comfortable environment.

Applicable to artificial or semi-automatic,open chicken house raising.

Technical Details

3 tiers layer cage

Reasonable Design

3-4 Tiers Battery Cage:reasonable height for easy monitoring.

Open Design:ideal for natural ventilation.

Q235 High Quality Steel Material

High Quality Equipment with 20 Years Service Life
Q235 High Quality Steel Material from Brand Manufacturers
275g/m² Hot-dip Galvanized Steel——
Stronger equipment with better corrosion resistance
Numerical Control Process Technology ——
High precision, easy to install,operate smoothly


Stronger Equipment is much safer
2.15mm High Quality Steel Mesh ——
bear high weight with long-lasting better elasticity
Two Reinforcing Ribs at Each Bottom Mesh——
50kg/㎡ Load-bearing Bottom Mesh

top mesh

Comfortable Feeding Environment
450cm²/bird——Happy chickens lay more eggs
top mesh——prevent the birds peck manure and scurry
Sliding Grids — easy to move birds, no chicken escape.

retech chicken cage

Safer Feeding Environment
Bottom Mesh with 8 ° Slope—— the egg rolls down gently
PVC Egg Baffle—— prevent chicken peck eggs
Top Mesh—— prevent the birds peck manure and scurry
Sliding Grids——easy to move birds, no chicken escape


Comfortable Feeding Environment
Reasonable Distance in Cages——
small temperature difference inside and outside the cage
Two Lines Stainless Steel Nipple Pipe——
the water supply is safe and adequate
450cm²/bird——happy chickens lay more eggs

Automatic System

layer cage

Automatic Egg Collection System
automatic transport clean eggs

feeding system

Automatic Feeding System
uniform provide feed and save feed


Automatic Drinking System
uninterrupted supply of fresh drinking water


Automatic Manure Cleaning System
daily manure removal can reduce ammonia emissions in the house to a minimum


Enviroment Control System
ideal environment for chickens with constant temperature and humidity

poultry farm

Prefab Steel Structure
more economical and practical building

Whole Process Solutions

Don't worry about the construction and management of the chicken farm, we will assist you to complete the project efficiently.

modern design chicken farm
chicken cage for sale
chicken cage factory
delivery transport

1. Project Consulting

> 6 professional consulting engineers turn your needs into implementable solutions in 2 Hours.

2. Project Designing

> With experiences in 51 countries,we will customize design solutions according to customer needs and local environments in 24 Hours.

3. Manufacturing

>15 production processes including 6 CNC technologies   We will bring high-quality products with 15-20 years service life.


> Based on 20 years' exporting experience, we provide customers with inspection reports, visible logistic tracking and local import suggestions.

Raising Guidance
battery chicken farms

5. Installation

> 15 engineers provide customers with on-site installation and commissioning,3D installation videos, remote installation guidance and operation training.

6. Maintenance

> With the RETECH SMART FARM, you can get the routine maintenance guideline, real-time maintenance reminder and engineer online maintenance.

7. Raising Guidance

> Raising consulting team provides one-to-one   consultation and real-time updated breeding information.

8. Best Related Products

> Based on the chicken farm, we choice the best related products. You can save a great deal of time and effort.



Sample Calculation


Demonstration Farm

demonstration farm

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Get Project Design 24 Hours.
Don't worry about the construction and management of the chicken farm, we will assist you to complete the project efficiently.

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