Automatic A Type 3 Tiers 144 Birds Pullet Layer Chicken Battery Cage for Poultry Farm

Material:Hot Galvanized Steel

Type:A Type


Life Time:15-20 Years

Feature:Practical, Durable, Automatic

Certificates:ISO9001, Soncap

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Automatic System


feeding system


drinking system

environment control system

environment control system


manure cleaning system

Important and effective technical details


Battery pullet cage
raise more chickens

350cm per bird

350cm² per bird
Reasonable high-density raising


275g/m² hot-dip galvanized steel
Stronger equipment with 20 years’ service life

plastic slat

Plastic slat
Maximum protection of the feet

small feeders and drinkers

Small feeders and drinkers
During the first week, the chicks can easily reach feed and water

deep v feed trough with inner rim

Deep ‘V’ feed trough with inner rim
Saving feed cost

adjustable oval hole for feed intake

Adjustable oval hole for feed intake.
Feed intake is easy, the birds will not run away and get stuck

adjustable water line

Adjustable water line
The water supply is safe and adequate

Sample Calculation

RETECH Automatic H Type Poultry Farm Pullet Chicken Cage (1)
RETECH Automatic H Type Poultry Farm Pullet Chicken Cage (2)

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