Poultry Farm Manure Organic Fertilizer Fermenter

>The vertical closed structure, save land and install outdoor, building not necessary.

>High-temperature sterilization, organic and high quality frtilizer, kill insect eggs, excellent fermentation effect

>Fully enclosed tank fermentation process, not affected by outside temperature and humidity, 8-9 days for fermentation cycle.

>Automatic control, easy operation, save labor cost.

>There is no waste gas leakage during process, comply with environmental protection policy. Reduce pollution treatment cost.

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Product Advantages

01 Remove harmful gas, no pollution

> Hydraulic inputting: the poutry manure is transported by the closed vehicle to the platform, then uploaded by the hydraulic hoist into tank, easy operation, avoid pollution.

> Spray tower deodorization can effectively remove harmful gases such as ammonia.


02 Thermal insulation treatment, recycle energy,reduce consumption

> The tank inside is equipped with patented device , reduces energy consumption when temperature is low, ensures stable output of organic ferilizer.

> The heat exchange device can utilie the high-temperature gas which was generated inside tank to heat up the intake air, improve the energy uilization, ensure the fermentation effect, reduce the energy consumption.


03 Sufficient oxygen supply,better fermentation effect

>The high-pressure vortex air pump provides the oxygen sufficiently required for the fermentation process, manure decomposed automaticall, easy operation, shorten cycle time.

> Driven by hydraulic, ensure the full load operation of the decomposed substance in the tank, and ensure the safe and reliable operation.

>5-tiers design, sufficient oxygen supply, fast heating, high output.


04 Automatic/Manual, easy switch,simple operation

>PLC chip adjusts the temperature and environment automatically for fermentation, cotolling remotely, saving labor costs.

> Biofilter deodorization, covers wide range of concentration,simple operation, no pollution, the longer the machine runs,the more adaptable the microorganisms is to waste gas,better performance, more stable.

> Even polygon base, more stable, less space needed.


05 High quality material, long service life

> The inner wall of the tank is made of 304 stainless steel,corrosion-resistant ,long service life.

> The main shaft and blades are made of Q345B steel, better abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant, long-time durability.

> Cascading ratchet, longer service life.

> The air filtration system reduces the workload of the blowers caused by air impurities, and prolongs the service life.


06 Smart design, cost saving

> Poultry manure can be used for fermentation directly without auxiliary materials needed.

> The stirring fins are connected by flanges, saving space but connected firmly.



Main equipment: ventilation and heating system; hydraulic pump station; lubrication system;control system; heat exchange system; deodorization system; material conveying belt machine



Working theory is for aerobic microorganism to reproduce rapidly during fermentation. The process of reproduction generates lots of heat, raising the temperature inside the tank to 45°C~70°C, then further promote microbial growth and metabolism, once above 60°C, harmful substances will be killed, only beneficial bacteria survived, realizing harmless treatment of poultry waste. The processed material can be used as fertilizer or produce compound organic fertilizer, Ensures the green and sustainable development of the poultry industry.




Model BLXQ-6000Ⅲ
Tank diameter(mm) 6000
Tank Height(mm) 5500
Height of tank volume(mm) 3900
Minimum floor area(㎡) 54
Tank volume(m³) 102
Hopper capacity(m³) 1.35
Processing capacity(m³/day) 8-12(Including 50-70%water
content manure, corpse
Output (m³/day) 4-5(Water content about 30%)
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Hot air blower power(KW) 12.5*2
Hydraulic power station(KW) 7.5+3
Air introduce blower(KW) 3
Auxiliary heater(KW) 4
Outputting belt machine(KW) 2.2
Installed power(KW) 44.7
Operating power(KW) 26.5

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