10 Chicken Breeding Tips for Common Poultry

1. Look at the mental outlook of the poultry.

Mental outlook is the first standard to look at a person’s general situation, and it is the same for poultry. For free-range poultry, the birds must be stocked every morning. When the healthy birds break free from the shackles, they will rush out and fly away, while those who are sick will be tired behind and will not leave the poultry house.


2. Check whether the stool is normal.

Looking at feces is equivalent to looking at the digestive system of poultry. As the saying goes, raising poultry is raising the intestines and stomach, and the quality of the intestines and stomach can be seen from the feces. Normal feces are in the form of strips or piles, and the feces are too thin or too dry to be abnormal, which should be considered from the feed itself or the poultry stomach.

3. Look at the feed intake of poultry.

A slight increase in daily feed intake is a normal phenomenon. On the contrary, if it does not increase but decreases, it is necessary to consider whether it is sick.

chicken equipment 2

4. Listen to the breathing of poultry.

When normal poultry is resting, it is very quiet and there are no other sounds. Respiratory symptoms may be present if the bird has coughing, shortness of breath and snoring, all of which indicate impending illness.

5. Listen to the sound of poultry feeding.

When normal poultry is fed, only the sound of poultry beak pecking can be heard. If there are unusual sounds, such as no pecking after feeding, it may mean that the birds are eating less.

6. Smell the poultry house.

Stink. It refers to the poultry house leaking again, smelly, poor ventilation after soaking poultry manure, and the smell stays in the poultry house at home.

7. Sour taste.

Poultry suffer from widespread diarrhea with sour poultry droppings. In addition, the feed in the trough has deteriorated due to teat leakage, which also makes the poultry house have a strong sour smell.

 layer chicken equipment01

8. Ammonia smell.

In the chicken house, the manure cleaning department should be timely, and the chicken manure will produce ammonia smell after fermentation, and the ventilation is not smooth.

9. Sweetness.

Poultry manure lands on the stove flue. After the poultry manure slowly evaporates, the drinking machine sprays water. When the water comes in contact with poultry manure, it smells sweet of baked biscuits.

10. Choking smell.

Due to poor ventilation in the chicken house, the dust in the chicken house permeates the chicken house, producing a choking smell.


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