How to prevent chickens’ beaks from becoming soft?

In the process of raising chicks, many farmers will find that the beak of the chicken is soft and easy to deform. What disease is causing this? How to prevent it?

1. What is the disease of soft and easily deformed chicken beak?

Chicken beaks are soft and easy to deform because the chicks suffer from vitamin D deficiency, also known as rickets. When the supply of vitamin D in the diet is insufficient, insufficient light or digestion and absorption disorders are the causes of the disease, the types of vitamin D are: There are many, among which vitamin D2 and D3 are more important, and vitamin D contained in animal skin surface and food is converted into vitamin D2 by ultraviolet radiation, so as to play the role of anti-rickets. In addition, lack of light will cause the disease. If chicks appear In addition to digestive and absorption dysfunction, it will also affect the absorption of vitamin D, and vitamin D plays a vital role in stabilizing calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body. Once deficient, it is easy to get sick. Chickens with kidney and liver diseases, and vitamin D is stored in fatty tissue and muscle in the form of fatty acid esters or transported to the liver for transformation. Only in this way can it play a role in regulating calcium and phosphorus metabolism. If there are problems with the kidneys and liver, it is easy to get sick.

2. How to prevent and control chicken beaks that are soft and easy to deform?

1.Vitamin D supplementation.

Improve feeding and management conditions, supplement vitamin D, place sick chickens in well-lit, well-ventilated and poultry houses, rationally allocate rations, pay attention to the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the rations, and add sufficient vitamin D mixed feed, and also It can be combined with calcium injection, and cod liver oil can also be added to the feed of chicks, and appropriate supplements can be made according to the incidence of chicks, which can prevent vitamin D poisoning of chicks.

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2. Strengthen feeding and management.

When raising chicks, pay attention to cleanliness and sanitation to avoid feed deterioration or bacterial infection, which may cause diseases in the chicks. You can let the chicks bask more in the sun and receive ultraviolet rays to increase the vitamin D content in the chicks. 

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