How to prevent broiler hypoxia in winter?

Winter chicken farming should pay attention to the oxygen level in the chicken coop to avoid lack of oxygen for chickens, and do the following 4 things to enhance the comfort of chickens:

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1.Enhance ventilation in the coop

With fresh air in the chicken coop, chickens will grow fast and develop well. Since chickens breathe two times more gas than mammals, they need more oxygen. Only by strengthening ventilation in the chicken coop can we ensure that chickens have enough fresh air. Ventilation is usually done once in 2-3 hours for 20-30 minutes each time. Before ventilation, raise the house temperature and pay attention to ventilation not to let the wind blow directly to the chicken body to prevent chicken morbidity.

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2.Control the rearing density

Broiler chickens are generally reared in large flocks, with high density and quantity, which is easy to make the oxygen in the air insufficient and carbon dioxide increased. Especially in high temperature brooding and chickens with high humidity, the long-term lack of fresh air often results in weak and sickly chicks and an increase in the death rate of chickens. In the chicken house with high rearing density, the chance of airborne diseases increases, especially when the ammonia content is high, often inducing respiratory diseases. Therefore, the rearing density should be controlled, with 9 chickens weighing about 1.5 kg per square meter.

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3.Pay attention to insulation methods

Some feedlots only emphasize insulation and neglect ventilation, resulting in serious lack of oxygen in the chicken coop. Especially in the house with coal stove insulation, the stove sometimes run smoke or pour smoke, more likely to make the chicken gas poisoning, even if the normal heating will also compete with the chicken for oxygen. So it is best to build the stove in the doorway outside the house to effectively avoid the harm of harmful gases.

4.Preventing Stress

The sudden appearance of any new sounds, colors, unfamiliar movements and objects can cause chickens to become restless and shriek, resulting in frightening and blowing up the flock. These stresses will consume a lot of physical energy and increase the oxygen consumption of chickens, which is more harmful to their growth and development and weight gain. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the flock quiet and stable to reduce the losses caused by various stresses.


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