How to control light in broiler house

It is necessary to raise the chickens well, improve the survival rate, reduce the feed-to-meat ratio, increase the slaughter weight, and finally achieve the purpose of increasing the breeding efficiency. A good survival rate, feed-to-meat ratio, and slaughter weight are inseparable from scientific feeding and management, the most important of which is scientific and reasonable control of light and feed.

Appropriate light can speed up the weight gain of broilers, strengthen the actual blood circulation, increase appetite, help calcium and phosphorus absorption, and enhance immunity. However, if the lighting program in our broiler house is unreasonable, the lighting is too strong or too weak, and the lighting time is too long or too short, it will have a negative impact on the chickens.

Light control

The main purpose of light control is to let the chickens rest well, adjust the balance of the body, and grow meat better. There are standards for light control. During the first 3 days, there should be 24 hours of light. During this time, many chickens are still imitating each other to learn how to eat. If the lights are turned off, the chickens may die of dehydration.

From the 4th day onwards, you can turn off the lights, start to turn off the lights for half an hour, gradually increase, do not turn off the lights for too long within the 7th day of age, at most an hour or so (mainly to get used to the stress of suddenly turning off the lights). As mentioned above, the chicken liver is not healthy, turning off the lights is not only for rest, but also for food control. If the time is too long, hypoglycemia will also occur.

From 15 days later, when the liver of the chicken is gradually fully developed, the intestinal absorption function is sound, and the time for light control and feed control can be extended. At this time, a certain amount of fat is accumulated in the chicken body, and the feed intake increases, and there will be no signs of hypoglycemia due to the exhaustion of feed in the body.

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The significance of light control and material control

Reasonable control of light and feed can adjust the metabolic balance of the body, reduce cardiopulmonary pressure, consume excess gastric acid, promote the development of internal organs and intestines, improve feed absorption and conversion rate, improve the immunity and disease resistance of chicken flocks, and enhance the anti-stress ability of flocks at the same time .

The limited time and limited feed can also promote the appetite and ensure the uniformity of the flock.

After the chicken eats fast, it will rest after eating and drinking enough. At this time, you can turn off the light and control the light, so that the chicken will rest and reduce the amount of activity, but the internal organs are still digesting. In this way, the purpose of fattening can be achieved by controlling light and materials

This is actually a virtuous circle. After feeding the chicken, turn off the light after the chicken has finished eating, which not only achieves the purpose of controlling light and rest, but also achieves the purpose of controlling feed. Before turning off the lights, the trough is full of feed and the chickens are full. After the lights are turned off, the chickens will not feel hungry.

Matters needing attention in light control

When controlling materials, we need to pay attention to two points:

1. Control the temperature when controlling the light

After the chickens turn off the lights and rest, their activity decreases, the heat production of the chicken body decreases, and the temperature inside the chicken house will drop. The chickens will get together, which can increase the temperature of the chicken house by 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius. It is critical not to reduce ventilation at the same time. The temperature cannot be increased at the expense of ventilation, as it is easy to cause stuffy chickens, especially large chickens.

2. The necessity of time-limited material control

When your chicken is well controlled for light and food, you will find that your chicken is very healthy and can eat well, and the more you eat, the more you eat. The food control is fixed and not quantitative, and you can eat as much as you can. The food limit is fixed and quantitative, eat enough and don’t eat too much.

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