Do eggs need to be fertilized to hatch?

Yes, eggs need to be fertilized before they can hatch.

Eggs must be fertilized to become fertilized eggs before they can develop into chicks, and unfertilized eggs cannot hatch chicks. The fertilized egg is in the yolk of the egg, the main body of the chick is the yolk, and the main function of the egg white is to protect the yolk. The hatching cycle of chicks is about 21 days, and the room temperature should be kept at about 25 degrees during the hatching process.

 Factors Affecting Chick Hatchability

Factors affecting the hatching rate of chicks include temperature and oxygen content, and the surrounding environment should be kept at a temperature of 25 degrees. Oxygen content is also a very big factor. Studies have shown that for every 1% drop in the oxygen content in the incubator, the hatching rate will drop by 1%. Generally, the oxygen content in the air is about 20%, and it is necessary to pay attention to ventilation.

Advantages of using an egg incubator

>Large amount of one-time incubation, saving resources. The chickens are hatched out in 21 days, short incubation time, high incubation efficiency.
>Full-automatic all-in-one machine for incubation and hatching, can incubate and hatch in batches.
>High degree of automation, low requirements for the technical ability of operators, easy to master by novices, saving labor costs.


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 way of hatching chicks

The ways to hatch chicks include hen hatching and incubator hatching. Hen hatching belongs to natural hatching, which can save labor, and the temperature and humidity provided are also most in line with natural laws, but this method is not suitable for large-scale hatching of eggs; incubator It is in accordance with the hatching standards of hens, easy to operate, and can be hatched in batches.

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Can the eggs just bought be washed?

Although the egg looks simple, its structure is complex. The eggshell alone contains five layers of different substances. From the inside to the outside, the first layer of the eggshell is the inner membrane of the eggshell, which is the membrane that we can sometimes see when we peel the egg. It is followed by outer eggshell membrane, papillary cone layer, palisade layer and eggshell membrane respectively. Eggshell looks compact on the outside, but it is actually a porous structure.

There is a protective film made of a gelatinous substance on the surface of the eggshell, which can prevent bacteria from invading and protect the moisture in the egg from evaporating. Washing eggs with water will destroy the protective film, easily lead to bacterial invasion, water evaporation, and egg deterioration. Therefore, after buying eggs, there is no need to wash them before storage. When ready to eat, they can be washed and cooked in a pot.

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