Benefits of Poultry Housing Ventilation Systems

The freshness of the air is crucial for both people and poultry, and poor air quality not only affects health conditions, but can lead to death in serious cases. Here we will mainly talk about the importance of ventilation in chicken coops.

The main purpose of chicken coop ventilation is to discharge the harmful gases in the coop, improve the air quality of the coop, while discharging excess heat and reduce the humidity in the coop, and provide enough oxygen to introduce fresh air from outside the coop.

good tunnel ventilation system in poultry sheds

The role of chicken coop ventilation and air exchange:

1. discharging harmful gases and supplying sufficient oxygen for chicken growth;

2. to keep the relative temperature and humidity in the coop appropriate;

3. to reduce the retention of bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms in the house.

Precautions for ventilation and ventilation in chicken coops:

1. in the ventilation, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the chicken coop moderate and stable, without violent changes;

2. Ventilation and ventilation is the focus every morning when the sun is out, when ventilation and ventilation is conducive to alleviating the lack of oxygen in the latter half of the night due to insufficient ventilation and strenuous activities;

3. The cold wind at night is not allowed to blow directly onto the chickens, and attention should be paid to the change in temperature and wind speed control at night to prevent cold;

cooling system

4. Different seasons should choose different ventilation methods: natural ventilation and negative pressure ventilation. Generally choose negative pressure ventilation in the coldest and hottest season, and natural ventilation in other seasons;

5. In any case, the chicken coop should maintain a certain wind speed, so that the air environment in the house is uniform and consistent, to ensure the normal ventilation and air exchange in the coop.

Clearly the importance of ventilation and ventilation in the chicken coop, in the usual management should be more observation of the flock, according to the needs of the flock to adjust, adjust the production performance of chickens.

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