Benefits of Mechanized Poultry Farming

The benefits of mechanized poultry farming

Mechanized automatic chicken raising equipment can not only feed the chickens and clean up the chicken manure in a few minutes, but also saves the need to run around to pick up eggs.

In a modern chicken farm, a long row of chicken cages is installed on each floor of the three-tiered chicken farming equipment. Tens of thousands of laying hens are evenly distributed in the cages, and soothing music is playing in the chicken coop music. Outside the cage is a long and narrow feeding trough, and below it is an egg collection trough, on which the freshly laid eggs are lying firmly. The whole chicken coop is simple and bright, and there are no busy figures.

chicken cages

“With these mechanical equipment, we don’t have to be busy in the chicken coop all day like in the past. One person can easily manage thousands of laying hens, and do the work that can only be done by a few people.” At the scene, Chen Zhenrong told the author Demonstrating the obvious effect of mechanized farming, I saw that he lightly turned on the switch, and the funnel-shaped feeder would automatically slide back and forth, evenly distributing the ground corn, oyster shells, and soybeans in the feed trough. Layer hens poked their heads out of the cage to enjoy the delicious meal in front of them.

chicken feeding equipment

Afterwards, Chen Zhenrong lightly pressed the button again, and the manure cleaning equipment started to operate. The white manure belt installed under the chicken coop slowly rotated, automatically cleaning the chicken manure into the already dug manure pond, and the whole The process only took a few minutes.

layer cages

Pointing to a small metal probe in the chicken cage, he told the author that as long as the laying hens raised their heads to peck the probe, clear water would flow out naturally. “Chickens are very sensitive to yellow. As long as they see yellow things, they can’t help but want to peck.” Chen Zhenrong said that the laying hens in the chicken farm have adapted to this way of drinking water, and he no longer needs to drink water for them. Worry about it.

In his opinion, raising chickens was a laborious job in the past, which required a lot of manpower and energy. “In addition to serving more than 30,000 chickens in the chicken farm, we also have to take care of the introduction of chicken breeds, the purchase of feed, the packaging of eggs, and sales in the market. The three people in the chicken farm are often too busy.” Chen Zhenrong said. In order to solve the problem of shortage of manpower, he introduced a complete set of automatic chicken raising equipment. Through the advanced cage system, feeding system, manure cleaning system, and drinking water system, he realized the automation of feed crushing, feeding, chicken manure cleaning, etc., and improved The benefit of raising chickens.

egg collection system

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