6 disinfection methods for breeding eggs

Seed eggs are the eggs used for hatching offspring, which chicken and duck farmers are familiar with. However, eggs are generally produced through the cloaca, and the surface of the eggshell will be covered with many bacteria and viruses. Therefore, before hatching, breeder eggs must be disinfected to improve their hatching rate, and at the same time, to effectively avoid the spread of various diseases.

 What are the disinfection methods for breeding eggs?


1、Ultraviolet irradiation disinfection

Generally, the UV light source should be 0.4 meters away from the breeding egg, and after irradiation for 1 minute, turn the egg over and irradiate it again. It is better to use several UV lamps to irradiate from all angles at the same time for better effect.

breeding eggs

2、Disinfection with bleach solution

Dip the breeding eggs into the bleaching powder solution containing 1.5% active chlorine for 3 minutes, take them out and drain them, then they can be packed. This method must be carried out in a ventilated place.

3、Peroxyacetic acid fumigation disinfection

Fumigation with 50ml of peroxyacetic acid solution and 5g of potassium permanganate per cubic meter for 15 minutes can quickly and effectively kill most pathogens. Of course, large breeder farms can also be disinfected with egg washing disinfectant.

4、Disinfection of eggs by temperature difference dipping

Preheat the breeder eggs at 37.8℃ for 3-6 hours, so that the egg temperature reaches about 32.2℃. Then soak the breeding egg in a mixture of antibiotic and disinfectant at 4.4℃ (cool the solution with a compressor) for 10-15 minutes, remove the egg to dry and incubate.

automatic egg incubator

5、Formalin disinfection

Use formalin mixed with potassium permanganate to fumigate and disinfect the eggs and hatching machine. Generally, 5g of potassium permanganate and 30ml of formalin are used per cubic meter.

6、Iodine solution immersion disinfection

Immerse the breeder egg into 1:1000 iodine solution (10g iodine tablet + 15g iodine potassium iodide + 1000ml water, dissolve and pour into 9000ml water) for 0.5-1 minutes. Note that breeder eggs cannot be soaked and disinfected before preservation, and it is better to disinfect them before hatching.

In general, there are many ways to disinfect breeder eggs, so just choose the one that suits you. In addition to the methods, the time and frequency of disinfection of breeding eggs should also be mastered to avoid further contamination of breeding eggs.

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