(1)Common surprises during brooding chicks!

01 .The chicks do not eat or drink when they arrive home

(1) Some customers reported that the chicks did not drink much water or food when they arrived home. After questioning, it was recommended to change the water again, and as a result, the flocks began to drink and eat normally.

Farmers will prepare water and feed in advance. But sometimes the time when the chicks arrive home can be quite different. If the water in the kettle is added for a long time, the palatability will become poor; especially after adding glucose, multidimensional or open medicine, the aqueous solution is easy to deteriorate in a high temperature environment, and the palatability is worse, and the chicks will not drink it. The chicks can’t drink water, so naturally they don’t feed much.


Warm boiled water can be used for the first sip of water when the chicks arrive at home, and health care medicines can be added when the chicks drink water, eat food, and move normally.
The temperature of the chicken house is too low. In order to maintain body temperature, the chicks squeeze each other to keep warm, which affects the normal physiological activities of the chicks, such as feed intake and water drinking.

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02. Chick bathing

(1) Long-distance transportation, caused by lack of water in chicks.
(2) The house temperature is too high or too low.
(3) The chick drinking water position is not enough.
(4) The size of the drinking fountain is not suitable.


(1) Pre-warming in advance, the chicks arrive at the right temperature, and they can drink clean drinking water as soon as possible. Oral rehydration salts can be taken in moderation for chickens that lack water for a long time.
(2) 1-2 weeks after entering the chicks, no more than 50 chickens per square meter; otherwise, the growth of the chicks will be affected, the development will be delayed, the uniformity will be poor, and the chicken population will be weak and sickly.
(3) Use suitable drinking fountains, each drinking fountain can provide 16-25 chicks drinking water. For water troughs and feed troughs, the position where each chicken eats and drinks water is 2.5-3cm per chicken.
In conclusion, it is important to provide a suitable environment for chicks.

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