10 mistakes to avoid in large-scale chicken farming

Large-scale chicken farming is the trend of poultry farming. More and more farms have started to transition from traditional farming to modern poultry farming. So what problems are likely to occur in the process of large-scale chicken farming?


1. Blindly introducing breeds.

Many chicken farmers have the idea that the newer the breed, the better, without considering the introduction of breeds to the local natural conditions and feeding conditions and the market demand. There are also some chicken farmers who only want cheaper prices, while ignoring the quality of the chicks.

2. Premature laying.

Without taking into account the production and development rules and nutritional needs of laying hens, feed standards are blindly raised, resulting in early laying of laying hens, resulting in small body size, premature decay and short duration of peak egg production, thus affecting egg weight and egg production rate.

3. Abuse of feed additives.

Many chicken farmers regard feed additives as a panacea to improve production capacity and abuse them without regard to the amount of various nutrients. This not only increases the cost of raising chickens, but also destroys the balance between various nutrients.

4. Too diligent addition of feed.

Blindly add some nutrients too diligently in the feed, resulting in an imbalance of various nutrients in the feed, thus affecting the growth and development of chickens.

5. Suddenly change the feed.

Do not change the feed according to the common habits of chickens, do not give chickens a suitable transition period, sudden changes in feed, easy to cause stress reactions of chickens.

chicken equipment 2

6. Blindly use drugs.

Many chicken farmers once encountered chicken disease, without veterinary diagnosis will blindly medication, thus delaying the disease.

7. Long-term use of drugs.

To prevent chicken disease and feeding a variety of drugs for a long time, not only cause damage to the kidneys of chickens and drug waste, but also make a variety of bacteria to produce resistance, seriously affecting the effectiveness of the treatment of disease later.

8. Chickens are mixed.

In chicken production do not pay attention to the sick chickens at any time to remove isolation, but the sick chickens and healthy chickens are still in the same pen, the same material mixed feeding, which leads to epidemic infection.

steel structure chicken house

9. Do not pay attention to sanitation and disinfection.

Chicken farmers are generally able to prevent epidemics in chickens, but pay less attention to chicken coop hygiene, leaving hidden dangers for various infectious diseases.

10. Neglecting to eliminate low-laying and diseased chickens.

From the time of brooding to the time of egg laying, only the survival rate of chickens is valued, and weak chickens and crippled chickens are not eliminated in time, which not only wastes feed, but also reduces the efficiency of chicken raising.

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