High Quality Manual A Type Layer Chicken Cage

Material:Hot Galvanized Steel

Type:A Type


Life Time:15-20 Years

Feature:Practical, Durable, Automatic

Certificates:ISO9001, Soncap

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Main Advantages

  • Hot dip galvanized steel with bending technology, equipment more stable, anti-corrosion, ensure longer service life.
  • Water tank with calibration or pressure regulator. It's easier to know water consumption.
  • Feeding trough with different materials. Three different materials to meet your different requirements.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Cage Material of cage is hot dip galvanized steel.The zinc thickness is 275g/㎡.

Product Features

1.Long service life, high stability.
2.Well ventilated, comfortable environment.
3.Low cost of the equipment, easy to operate.
4.Low proportion between forage and egg, low production costs.
5.Applicable to artificial or semi-automatic, open chicken house raising.

Sample Calculation

High quality manure A type layer chicken cage
Model Tiers Doors/set Birds/door Capacity/set Size(L*W*H)mm Area/bird(cm²) Type
9TLD-396 3 4 4 96 1870*370*370 432 A
9TLD-4128 4 4 4 128 1870*370*370 432 A

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