Poultry Farms Strong Power of 40kw/60kw/80kw/100kw Electric Diesel Generator Set

1.Power failure emergency power supply
2.Long term continuous power generation
3.Standby power

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Core Component

1.High cost performance well-known brand. All copper brushless maintenance-free alternator.
2.Insulation grade up to "H".All wound parts are coated with special materials and special techniques,the enameled wire of the motor is painted with a single layer,good insulation, high temperature resistance, low failure rate.
3.The electrical performance is greatly improved,the winding is 2/3 pitch winding and the motor is lengthened,ensure stable voltage output.


High-quality, stable operation

> Pure copper wire winding--GB (Chinese national standard) iron core power with sufficient power, low loss, built-in voltage regulation function. Long-term continuous power supply without heating, and makes stable power generation.
> Brand start accumulator--high quality, maintenance-free, large capacity, small size, continuous discharge without heating. Strong start-up, good shock resistance, anti-detachment, and has a long service life.
> Simple and compact structure--durable cylinder body with long life, low failure rate and high cost performance.
> Environmental test--generate electricity normally in high altitude, high temperature and high cold environment.


30 years service life

> High load-bearing communal bottom slab--formed by bending high-quality steel plates of more than 5 mm and treated by electrostatic spraying, anti-rust and corrosion resistance, and has long service life.
> Optional chassis fuel box--continuous operation for 8 hours.
> Radiator of large capacity water cooling unit--quickly and effectively discharge excess heat to ensure the continuous and long-term safe operation.
> High-quality fuel filter--effectively blocks impurities in diesel fuel and prolong service life.


Mute operation

> Sound attenuated enclosure--effectively reduces the unit operating noise. Dustproof and rainproof mute boxes can save computer room construction costs for customers.
> Industrial muffler--effectively reduces noise by 15-25 dB.
> Absorber--the engine, generator, and water tank are equipped with damping shock absorbers at the bottom, non-ordinary rubber shock absorbers.


Smarter and safer

> Optional cloud monitoring system for unit--remotely start and monitor the data.
> Famous brand intelligent controller--using RETECH intelligent controllers, which can reliably realize the automatic operation, monitoring, protection and other functions of the unit. When a failure occurs, it can effectively protect the unit from deep damage.
> Four protection systems--operation error alarm function avoids damage to the generator and prolongs its service life.
> ATS system (Automatic Transfer Switch)--the utility power and standby diesel generators are switched to form an interlock to effectively protect the power system safety.


Humanized design concept

>Engine oil outlet-guide tube degin,easy to clean
>The safety wind hook design-door can be hung on the box when it's opened,easy for check and repair

Easy to use and maintain

>Electronic speed control--electrically adjustable high pressure fuel injection pump, easy operation and save fuel.
>Multi-functional LCD--avoid calibration instrument panel reading error, digital display more accurate.
>Multilingual--with a multi-language switching function, information reading is more convenient.

Quick-respond after-sales

>After-sales service station and accessory sales store around the world to quickly meet worldwide customers after-sales needs.


Product Configuration

Configuration details HQ40GF HQ60GF HQ80GF HQ100GF
One diesel engine 48KW 66KW 100KW 108KW
One generator All copper Brushless HQF-40 All copper Brushless HQF-60 All copper Brushless HQF-80 All copper Brushless HQF-100
Starter accumulator 1 pc 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
One starter motor 12V 24V 24V 24V
Configuration details
(applicable to HQ40GF,HQ60GF,HQ80GF,HQ100GF generator sets)
Automatic intelligent controller One Inlet and outlet oil return pipes 2 pcs
Sound attenuated enclosure One Charging generator One
Base fuel box One Air filter 1 set
Electric actuator One Fuel filter 1 set
Battery connection wire 2 pcs Oil filter 1 set
Onboard data 1 set Diesel engine fan One
Simple repair tools One Water tank with fan One
Damping system 1 set Battery float charger One
communal base One Machine with charger One
Water tank radiator One Muffler elbow Bellows 1 set
Coupling 1 set

HQ80GF and HQ 100GF :
Water tank with fan: Monoblock closed cooling water tank    Battery float charger: AC220V/DC24V

Working Principle

The diesel engine drives the generator to convert the diesel energy into electrical energy.

Generator unit technical parameters
Unit model HQ40GF HQ60GF HQ80GF HQ100GF
Overall dimension
(L×W×H mm):
1600*700*950 1600*720*1000 2100*800*1400 2100*800*1400
Sound attenuated enclosure dimension
(L×W×H mm):
2400*940*1570 2300*1000*1600 2900*1050*1700 2900*1050*1700
Unit weight 450kg 1300kg 1460kg 1824kg
Noise 95dB(A) 75dB(A) 75dB(A) 75dB(A)
Fuel consumption (100% load) ≤210g/kW·h ≤210g/kW·h ≤204g/kW·h ≤204g/kW·h
Output power 40KW 60KW 80KW 100KW
Output current 72A 108A 144A 180A
Output voltage 400V/230V/440V(can be customized)
Power factor COSΦ=0.8( lag)
Rated frequency 50Hz/60HZ(can be customized)
Rated speed 1500rpm
Fuel grade (Standard) 0# light diesel (ordinary temperature)
Steady-state voltage regulation rate ≤±1%
Voltage fluctuation ≤±0.5%
Transient voltage regulation rate +20%~-15%
Voltage stabilization time ≤1 S
Steady-state frequency regulation rate ≤0.6%
Frequency fluctuation ≤±0.5%
Transient fluctuation regulation rate +10%~-7%
Frequency stabilization time ≤3 S
Diesel engine technical parameters
Cylinders/Cylinder body structure: 4/L type 4/L type 4/L type 4/L type
Bore stroke 105*118 mm 105*118 mm 105*130 mm 105*130 mm
Compression ratio 17.5:1 17.5:1 18:01 18:01
Start mode By electric By electric By DC24V electric By DC24V electric
Air inlet mode Pressurize Normally aspirated Turbocharger Turbocharger
Cooling mode Closed water circulation cooling
Oil supply mode Direct injection
Speed regulation mode By electronic
Overload capacity 110%
Rotating speed 1500rpm
Generator Technical parameters
Rated voltage 400V/230V/440V(can be customized)
Insulation grade Class H
Protection grate IP23
Wiring mode 3 PH 4 wires,Y-connection
Regulation mode AVR (Automatic voltage regulator)
Output frequency 50Hz/60HZ(can be customized)
Output factor COSΦ=0.8(lag)

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